Gray Space Defense

"Taking your network defense on offense!"

History of Gray Space Defense

Information security is for everyone; for every individual, company (large or small), and all things [Internet of Things (IoT)]. Atchison Electric Inc. knew this back in 2015 and discovered Justin, the owner of Gray Space Defense, beginning his journey in Cyber Security. At the time, they were starting a service for poeple most in the security industry ignored. Unfortunately, Justin was called to service several months later and spent time overseas working in a Security Operations Centers (SOC) as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst and Threat Hunt Analyst.

During his time at the SOC conducting Cyber research, Justin discovered the great need to help everyone increase their security. Research and industry surveys proves that hackers target small and medium businesses (SMBs) with 60 percent of small businesses experiencing a breach and 71 percent of hackers focusing on campanies with fewer than 100 employees (PCI Security Standards). Worse yet, most SMBs learn about breaches from police or identity fraud investigations. In August of 2017, Justin created Gray Space Defense with a close cooperation with Atchison Electric.

So, what is "gray space" anyways? The military uses colors to identify enemy and friendly forces. The space between the two boundries is called the gray space. Additionally, the security industry identified friendly and enemy territories as well, as white and black, respectively. Guess what the color is where the two boundaries meet? You would be right if you guessed gray space. What else could the gray space be called? If you are thinking the Internet or the cloud, then you are also correct.

How does this apply to Gray Space Defense and its services? Currently, it is our goal to help increase the security of all devices in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. The point is to allow all of us to safely participate in the world wide web. Our future plans are to search the gray space for information about your company, employees, and information systems, which is the reconnaissance phase for attacks. To get into the gray space to conduct penetration tests against your defenses. To also provide Security as a Service (SECaaS) from the cloud, to protect your network at a reduced costs. The more difficult it is to gain information about your information system and to attack your network from the gray space, the more likely hackers will move on to an easier target. It is time to extend your defense into the gray space and go on the offense, by testing your defenses. Gray Space Defense is here to help you achieve a higher level of information security.