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Services - Windows Configuration

Are you left open to many attack vectors?

Windows comes with hundreds of configuration settings that can be used to harden your system. But what does it mean to harden your system? The goal is to make the system more secure by by reducing the footprint or attack surface. The best way to accomplish that is by turning off services that run by default, but are not used. For instance, .NET is a service that runs by default and is useful for developers. However, unless you are creating or modifying apps, there is no reason to keep this service running. Unfortunately, hackers know all about this service and that it runs in the background by default. The best thing a hacker can do to get around your anti-malware program is to use built-in services like .NET which will allow him/her to run malicious code on approved, signed software. Hardening your systems is a must and will even help reduce events in a vulnerability assessment, however, the two really do go hand-in-hand. We understand how intimidating this is and that is why Gray Space Defense is here to help.